E Poster Guidelines

  • The scheduling of the poster presentation will be based on first come first serve basis of abstract submission.
  • E-poster should be made in PPT format
  • Your PPT file should be named as per below format:
    File Name: Your abstract No., Space, Your first name, Space, Your Last name
    eg. If Your Abstract No is PP203, Your First Name is: Rohan, Your Last Name is: Patel, then your file name should be like this - PP2001 Ajay Kumar.
  • E-poster has to be sent ON E MAIL ONLY. Send your e-poster to abstractaicog2019@gmail.com with the name of your poster as the subject.
    For eg. Subject : PP2001 Ajay Kumar.
  • The presenter should carry it in pen drive as a standby.
  • Each presenter needs to get their poster uploaded in their respective halls for presentation, 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • He will be given 2 minutes to explain his poster.
  • Use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks are strictly prohibited. Drugs should be referred to by the pharmacological designation or the active substance.
  • No mention of the pharmaceutical company name should be included.
  • Posters should be self-explanatory. Text should be brief and well organised.
  • During the E poster presentation, when the judges are evaluating the concerned poster, the presenter should be present in the display area, explain his poster and clear the scientific queries of the judges.
  • If the presenter is not present near his scientific poster display area, his presentation will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Use of any other audio visual aids along with the poster will not be permitted.
  • Please check the grammar and spelling and any such errors are the responsibility of the participants only.
  • The poster presentations are scheduled on all the 3 days of the conference.
  • Scientific poster presentation will be facilitated by 2 judges.
  • A scientific coordinator will be assigned to coordinate all activities.
  • Certificate of presentation will be issued only to the presenter.
  • The decision of scientific committee shall be final.
  • The E-poster will be displayed on standard 42" (Diagonal) LCD
  • To prepare your presentation, please use power point 2013/ 2010 or earlier and then save it as PDF file.
  • Total size of the presentation should not exceed 25 MB
  • Maximum number of slides per E-poster : 3
  • All slides should be in landscape format.
  • Animation/movies/sounds will not be supported; please submit in a static PPT format only
  • The E-poster needs to be created as per the example format attached.
    • Each slide title should be placed in a title place holder
    • The text should include - Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion
      and Acknowledgements.
  • It is suggested that font size of the text should be at least 26 to 36 point. The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear one (e.g. Helvetica).
  • The correct font size depends greatly on the fonts used in the ppt and the thumb rule should be that if it is visible well on the computer screen it shall be visible on the E-Poster Display Screen.
  • Colour suggestions:
    • When using light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue), we suggest using dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green).
    • When using dark backgrounds (blue, purple,) we suggest using light fonts (white, yellow, cyan).
    • Avoid using red or green in any fonts or backgrounds as they are colours that are difficult to read.
  • Illustrations/images/photographs used in the E-poster should be enlarged enough to show relevant details.
  • References should be mentioned at the bottom and as far as possible; should be latest references.
  • The abstract for Video may be structured or non-structured (300 words), to be submitted thru AICOG 2019 website.
  • Followed by abstract submission for video, original video to be shared via google drive/email /Dropbox/we-transfer to abstracts.aicogblr@gmail.com before 15th October 2018.
  • Video presentation should not exceed 400 MB. Save the videos used in your presentation on your USB-stick.
  • AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV are the only acceptable video formats.
  • The total duration of the video presentation is 5 minutes.
  • The video should include the Title of the video, author information and any declaration of conflict followed by relevant video.
  • Audio commentary is permitted on the video but no music is allowed.
  • It is important that your video presentations are submitted prior to the congress commencing.
  • Deadline for submission: Midnight 15th October 2018.